DAS power splitters ensure low PIM

March 19, 2014
Pulse Electronics has introduced power splitters for its PIMinator line of DAS antennas.

Pulse Electronics (NYSE: PULS) has introduced a new line of power splitters for its PIMinator line of low passive intermodulation (PIM) indoor distributed antenna system (iDAS) antennas. (An iDAS allows users to receive cellular coverage inside a building instead of depending on a cell site outside the building, notes the company).

As explained by the company, when there are multiple antennas in a building, the signals need to be split between the antennas. Pulse’s power splitters are designed to work with its PIMinator line of antennas to ensure a PIM spec of -155 dBc at 2x20 watts. Low PIM is the key to the performance of DAS systems because PIM reduces or degrades base station performance. With low PIM there are fewer dropped calls, higher data rates, and fewer problems for cellular phone users and operators to deal with.

The new product line consists of 4 splitters: the DASSPLIT2WNF 2-way power splitter with N female connectors, the DASSPLIT3WNF 3-way power splitter with N female connectors, the DASSPLIT4WNF 4-way power splitter with N female connectors, and the DASSPLIT2WDIN 2-way power splitter with female 7 16 DIN connectors.

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“The antenna is only as good as the splitter and vice versa,” says Paul Fadlovich, director of infrastructure for Pulse Electronics' Wireless Division. “Most companies only make one part, the splitter or the antenna, but to get maximum performance, they need to work together. Pulse’s new PIMinator line of iDAS PIM antennas has an industry-leading PIM spec of -155 dBc for both the antenna and the splitter, increasing capacity and data throughput and ensuring full performance of the antenna system.”

Pulse Electronics’ patent-pending PIMinator splitters are individually boxed, and are specifically for use with Pulse Electronics’ PIMinator line of low PIM iDAS ceiling mount omni antennas. The splitters have a dimension of 7.53” (191.2mm) length x 2.38” (60.6mm) width x 0.98" (25mm) height. They are designed to meet the demanding requirements of cellular operators and integrators of low PIM components for 2G, 3G, and LTE/4G bands around the world.

The PIMinator antennas will be showcased at the International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE) in Las Vegas (March 26-27) at Pulse's booth #4027.

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