The risks of 'taking BYOD too far'

Dec. 26, 2012
GlobalSign advises on "how to avoid the pitfalls of striving for BYOD utopia."

A recent white paper from certification authority GlobalSign suggests that "organizations should focus on creating a BYOD strategy that focuses on only 2 or 3 corporate resources that provide maximum employee productivity."

The paper states that, "coupled with productivity considerations, organizations must examine the risk associated with the data being requested [via BYOD], and finally select controls that provide a level of security sized with the risk of breach."

Ultimately, GlobalSign recommends that "as with most security solutions, organizations should pause before jumping into implementing invasive, expensive, and all‐inclusive BYOD solutions and ask themselves, does the investment I’m making in BYOD provide for a positive return?"

View and download the white paper here.

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