Superior Essex intros DAS coaxial cabling

Oct. 10, 2012
Superior Essex recently added Distributed Antenna System (DAS) cabling products to its wireless coaxial radio frequency (RF) portfolio.

Superior Essex recently added distributed antenna system (DAS) cabling products to its wireless coaxial radio frequency (RF) portfolio. The Superior Essex DAS offering includes both riser (CMR) and plenum (CMP) ½” 50 Ohm backbone RF coaxial cables and associated connection components (connectors and jumpers) for in-building infrastructures.

As noted by the company, wireless DAS technology is becoming the primary communication method in public venues and large commercial buildings such as stadiums, shopping malls, campuses, athletic arenas, and government facilities to boost wireless signal coverage and capacity. Essentially, DAS is a collection of small antennas spread over a specific geographic building arrangement that is connected together by a plenum and/or riser 50 Ohm RF coaxial cable and traced back to a central base station or power source.

“The idea is to provide better coverage for the same area an outdoor cell tower would cover, but with improved reliability,” comments Lindsay Allen, vice president of marketing for Superior Essex Communications, LP. “Due to the mobile demands of wireless subscribers, Superior Essex has added DAS RF transmission cables and connectors to our communications product portfolio. This initial offering is designed to provide our customers reduced costs when they purchase all RF communications cable products from one source.”

Visit the Superior Essex DAS Product page.

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