Berk-Tek intros fiber ribbon cables, plus reduced-diameter Cat 6A cables

Feb. 12, 2020
Berk-Tek this month announced the release of two new cable products, including a comprehensive line of fiber-optic ribbon cables delivering space savings for high-density applications, and its LANmark-SST, a small-diameter Category 6A cable.
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Berk-Tek, a Nexans company and manufacturer of network infrastructure, this month announced the release of two new cable products.

First, Berk-Tek says its new, comprehensive line of fiber-optic ribbon cables delivers significant space savings for high-density applications. The company notes that ribbon technology provides significant space savings using higher fiber counts within reduced diameter cables, allowing higher fiber density in ducts, trays, and cabinets with less congestion in the pathways. Ribbon technology also decreases installation time and costs, and significantly reduces emergency restoration time, thanks to mass fusion splicing.

“On a 144F cable, mass fusion splicing 12F-to-12F requires 92% fewer splices than single fiber-to-fiber splicing. That’s a huge time savings for our installers,” comments Teresa Hoffman, fiber product line manager for Berk-Tek. She adds, "Ribbon cables also create a smaller footprint in splice enclosures and simplify fiber management in the equipment room."

Berk-Tek now offers a range of ribbon cable solutions, including indoor plenum, indoor riser, indoor/outdoor riser, and indoor plenum flex versions, available in fiber counts up to 864. The products are available for immediate purchase; learn more here.

Also this month, Berk-Tek has introduced its LANmark-SST, a high-performing, small-diameter Category 6A cable.

Per the manufacturer, "LANmark-SST is the smallest diameter Category 6A CMP UTP construction available, at 0.25 inches. This reduced diameter offers better flexibility, optimized cable management, and improved tray-fill ratio than the average Category 6A cable, making it ideal for high-density installations."

Berk-Tek adds that the LANmark-SST has a specially designed insulated metallic isolation wrap that provides superior heat management and noise-cancelling performance. The cable's insulated design prevents electrical energy from running along the shield, eliminating the need for grounding.

“This newest cable from Berk-Tek offers the outstanding signal isolation and excellent high-PoE performance that our customers need, making it a great choice for high-power, high-bandwidth applications like 802.11ac wireless, HD video, and IP security,” comments Brian Simmons, copper product manager for Berk-Tek. Simmons adds, “At the same time, the smaller diameter is a great option for high-density installations. And we’re able to offer all these benefits at a cost-effective price point,”

The LANmark-SST cable is available for immediate order; learn more here.

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