Belden significantly expands copper and fiber product lines

May 28, 2020
Belden is bringing to market five product line extensions in Q2 2020 that support wireless networks, remote power, smart buildings and fiber management applications.

Belden Inc. (NYSE: BDC) announced that it is bringing to market five product line extensions in Q2 2020 that support wireless networks, remote power, smart buildings and fiber management applications.

The product line extensions, according to the company, are as follows:

-- Offering among the smallest Category 6A diameters (0.250” CMP/0.260” CMR) on the market, Belden says its 10GXW cables allow networks to make easy upgrades to Category 6A while staying within budget. Now, this cable is available in a riser-rated version as well: the 10GXW12 cable. The new cables offer superior noise immunity, which makes them ideal for maintaining reliable wireless network performance. When paired with Belden's REVConnect Connectivity system, with the 10GXW12 cable networks can achieve the lightest, easiest-to-deploy end-to-end wireless infrastructure system on the market to support any wireless device, says Belden.

-- Belden's new 2400 Bonded-Pair Cables (2432-Riser and 2433-Plenum) provide excellent performance and quick, easy installation. With improved signal-to-noise ratio and efficient termination when paired with the REVConnect Connectivity system, the cables offer best-in-class Category 6 headroom across all vital parameters including: insertion loss; NEXT; ACRF; and PSACRF. The cables also feature Belden’s patented Bonded-Pair design, offering extremely uniform spacing within each twisted-pair for consistent electrical performance.

-- Expansions to Belden’s Aluminum Interlocked Armor (AIA) Hybrid Cable line give installers more options to safely transmit low-voltage power and data across long distances, reaching remote locations where standard power is unavailable or too costly, and PoE is unable to reach. The company notes that hybrid cable minimizes installation time by requiring only one cable for power and data in PON and DAS applications. Adding to its non-armored indoor and indoor/outdoor breakout (3 mm) and distribution cables (plenum and riser rated) release in late 2019, Belden now offers AIA options for indoor and indoor/outdoor breakout (3 mm) and distribution cables (riser rating only), as well as indoor breakout (2 mm) riser cables. Also now available are non-armored indoor breakout (2 mm) riser cables.

-- Belden’s new REVConnect Test Head Adapters allow users to easily and efficiently test different REVConnect system configurations to ensure reliability. With long-lasting endurance of up to 1,000 cycles, this versatile solution supports effective onsite testing for direct connect (also known as modular plug terminated link or MPTL) topologies, cross connects and permanent links.

-- Finally, Belden’s DCX line, a high-density cross-connect system designed to optimize fiber infrastructure ROI, now offers more option for fiber management. The company's DCX Product Line Extension includes the:

  • DCX 6-Port Splice Cassettes (12f), available pre-loaded with 250 µm pigtails (FP code) or empty (FS code) for OM3, OM4, OS2/UPC and OS2/APC applications
  • DCX MPO Adapter Frames, available in 4- and 6-port configurations for OM3, OM4 and OS2/APC applications
  • Telescopic Spools, which relieve patch cord stress when opening DCX housing trays
  • Patch Cord Slack Storage Modules, which allow cable management using standard cord lengths when exceeding two cabinets per row, store slack between cabinet tandems and are pre-loaded with 15 spools
  • Horizontal In-Cabinet Channels, which create horizontal pathways for single- and double-row cabinets for the optical distribution frame, with up to 12 cabinets per row
  • Rear Channel Kits, which include four trays and a patch cord funnel, and are available in black or white, as well as in left-right and right-left configurations

To learn more about the above products, as well as the types of technology and applications they support, visit

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