Comcast initiates $15M fiber-rich network expansion in Modesto, CA

Oct. 27, 2020
Up to 2,000 businesses in downtown and central Modesto will now have access to new ultra-high-speed Internet options via the network upgrade.

Comcast on Oct 14. announced it is investing $15 million to enhance and expand its internet infrastructure in Modesto, CA. The network expansion project will deliver up to 10-Gigabits-per-second (Gbps) Ethernet speeds, increased capacity and reliability to an estimated 2,000 businesses throughout downtown and central Modesto.

“The Modesto area is one of the fastest-growing markets in California and we are excited to bring our state-of-the-art products and services to more businesses in the area,” said Kristeen Cominiello, Vice President of Comcast Business in California. “Comcast’s investment will put Modesto on the leading edge of internet connectivity with an advanced fiber-rich network capable of delivering ultra-fast speeds, solid reliability and next-generation capacity.”

Upon completion of the network infrastructure upgrade, Comcast notes that Modesto businesses will have access to a comprehensive range of multi-gigabit Ethernet options that will help meet the day-to-day demands of organizations requiring large amounts of bandwidth, looking to link multiple sites or branch locations or planning to connect their offices to a third-party data center.

“In today’s highly virtual economy, broadband is now an even more critical tool for success,” said Ted Brandvold, Mayor of Modesto. “We are proud to support efforts to enhance Modesto’s network infrastructure, and we appreciate local partners such as Comcast who are working with us to ensure Modesto businesses have access to breakthrough technologies fueling growth, attracting businesses, creating jobs and propelling our economy forward.”

For over three decades, Comcast notes it has been the leading provider of voice, video, high-speed data and home security for the Modesto community, furthering the municipality's economic growth and quality of life through region-wide services.

“Comcast’s technology investment in Stanislaus County will strengthen the business community and create new opportunities by supporting workforce development and quality of life," said Trish Christensen, President and CEO of the Modesto Chamber of Commerce.

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