Belden unveils new industrial edge gateway, DataTuff fiber-optic cables

Sept. 12, 2022
Belden says its Q3 2022 new product launches support automation and security networks. Highlights include the new OpEdge-8D Industrial Edge Gateway Device and an enhanced grade of DataTuff fiber-optic cables.
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Belden has just announced eight Q3 2022 new product launches that the company says help strengthen industrial automation and security networks, support fast and clean installation, and maximize square footage to reduce total cost of ownership.

Within Belden's data orchestration and management offering, the following new products have been announced:

  • The Belden macmon NAC Network Access Control unit tracks which devices are connected to a network—and where to find them—and supports guest and employee device management. All network devices can easily be identified, monitored and protected with this centralized security authority that protects networks against intrusion from unauthorized devices.
  • The Hirschmann OpEdge-8D Industrial Edge Gateway Devices leverage the latest technologies to unite IT and OT data and make edge computing possible. The devices help industrial sites transform operational information into actionable insights that improve efficiency, maximize uptime and drive continuous process improvement.
  • The ProSoft Technology Universal QuickServer Two-Port Building Automation Gateways allow users to connect automation-driven networks with industrial control networks for improved management and control. The gateways can support 250, 500, or 1,000 points of application data.

Meanwhile, Belden's data acquisition and transmission product offering now also sees the following new additions, as directly stated by the manufacturer:

  • The Belden DataTuff Fiber Optic Renewable Grade Cables feature a robust, industrial-grade design to withstand renewable energy applications. Gel-free constructions are available, and the cables can be direct buried to reduce costs.
  • The Belden FiberExpress ECX Single Cassette Holders are durable metal fiber patch panels that hold one ECX fiber cassette to host fiber connections in small, tight spaces and reduce the network’s footprint. An extension of the ECX product family, this solution can be mounted on a wall or DIN Rail for installation in nearly any indoor environment.
  • The Belden Gel-Free Fiber Optic Cables speed up installation time, support a cleaner installation and reduce implementation costs with a compact, rugged design that delivers reliable, robust connectivity.
  • The Belden RemoteIP Cables offer an IEEE-standards approach to solving real-world problems in applications where Category cabling falls short. These cables supply data and power to remote IP devices up to 215 m away, reducing costs and maximizing square footage by eliminating the need for new telecommunications rooms or costly media converters and extenders.
  • The Lumberg Automation M8/M12 Field-Attachable Connectors with IDC Termination are compact, ruggedized and easy to install, featuring quick termination. The company says these connectors performance and reliability ensure dependable visibility and control to reduce maintenance costs, boost safety, improve efficiency and decrease downtime in consumer packaged goods, automotive, and machine building applications.

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