AFL, Dura-Line launch air-blown fiber cabling line

AFL and Dura-Line have collaborated to develop a high-performance air-blown fiber-optic cabling system.

AFL and Dura-Line have collaborated to develop a high-performance air-blown fiber-optic cabling system. Dubbed eABF [Enterprise Air-Blown Fiber], the system is engineered to offer a reliable, easy-to-integrate optical fiber network communications infrastructure.

The core of the eABF solution is the cable and duct components. Among the unique features of the cable is a patent-pending low-friction high-drag jacketing system that enables the cable to move along the duct at a faster rate of speed. In addition, the eABF cable is Telcordia GR-409 compliant and flame-rated for OFNR and OFNP environments. As a result, the cable can be deployed within the cable raceway and management system once exiting the pathway without the need for additional costly furcation tubing.

The cable's geometry makes it ideal for installation in Dura-Line's 8.5 mm x 6 mm Enterprise FuturePath system. Cables are available in fiber counts up to 48 fibers. Fiber types include single-mode, OM2, OM3 and OM4 employing bend insensitive fiber technology.

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The companies state that the eABF system has one of the highest fiber density solutions in the air-blown fiber market. “The eABF approach to structured cabling technology has the potential to change the industry by eliminating the initial high cost typically associated with traditional air-blown fiber systems,” comments Stephen Martin, AFL product manager. “By removing this initial installation cost barrier, network designers will realize that the eABF solution can be their primary network pathway infrastructure.”

The eABF pathway system, developed by Dura-Line, is comprised of Enterprise FuturePath duct products and includes Indoor/Outdoor HDPE, riser, plenum and low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) options. All eABF ducts incorporate a low-contact, ribbed inner surface and ultra-low friction Silicore lining which creates a low drag, high velocity cable jetting channel within the duct. Unlike other air-blown fiber systems in the market, the eABF cable-duct combination also allows for installations without the use of air for up to 1,000 feet. The eABF FuturePath duct comes in a variety of sizes and tube counts ranging from two through 25.

“Distinct from traditional air-blown fiber solutions for the enterprise market, eABF provides a solution that will maximize your investment, offering tremendous material and labor cost savings when future network bandwidth requirements need to be expanded or upgraded,” asserts Stephen Martin, AFL product manager.

Intended for deployment in data centers, private networks, high-rise buildings, urban and medical campuses, the eABF system is NEC 770 compliant for both raceways and ducts. The fully integrated cabling solution comes complete with AFL connectivity, closures, enclosures, patch cords and connectors, fusion splicers and test equipment.

The solution also includes design, Bill of Materials and SOW support, contractor training and project management. When the eABF solution is installed by a CLi contractor, the system is warrantied for 25 years.

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