CommScope provides 10 reasons to use Category 6A cabling in buildings

Blog post points out lower power consumption, bandwidth-hungry WiFi, and of course, 10GBase-T as reasons enterprise customers can take advantage of 6A.

A post to CommScope’s blog authored by the company’s vice president, enterprise building segment product line management Matias Peluffo, describes 10 reasons user outside of data-center environments can benefit from deploying Category 6A cabling systems. Titled “Top 10 Reasons to Consider Category 6A in the Building,” the post reminds us that the first 6A system launched 10 years ago, aimed squarely at data centers. In the decade since, enterprise-network users have found more and more reasons to use it as well.

The blog post is CommScope’s copyrighted material, so we won’t simply reproduce it here. But we can sum up by saying it mentions multiple user types for which Category 6A is ideally suited, discusses the growing bandwidth demands of 802.11-based wireless networks today, and approaches power from two different directions—the lower power consumption of applications like 10GBase-T that rely on Category 6A, and the medium’s utility in networks that employ Power over Ethernet.

You can see the list in its entirety here.

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