Panduit, Avago partner to blast 40Gb/s over 550m multimode fiber reach

Dec. 3, 2012
Avago's latest 40 Gigabit Ethernet modules provide a migration path for data centers to upgrade from 10G to 40G Ethernet and span longer reaches.

Panduit, supplier of data center physical infrastructure, and Avago Technologies, a supplier of analog interface components for network communications, have announced an alliance geared ultimately toward helping organizations save capital expenses in the data center, while making it easier to implement state of the art network architectures.

Using Panduit's Signature Core fiber-optic cabling system with the Avago QSFP+ eSR4 pluggable, parallel fiber-optics modules, a reach of 550 meters is now guaranteed for 40 Gigabit Ethernet (40GbE) over multimode fiber links by Panduit.

“Avago introduced the 40 Gigabit Ethernet eSR4 modules to provide a migration path for data centers to upgrade from 10G to 40G Ethernet and span longer reaches,” comments Philip Gadd, vice president and general manager of Fiber Optics at Avago. “We are happy to be working with Panduit to provide our customers with the longest reach 40 Gigabit Ethernet links possible.”

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PLX, Avago prove PCIe over fiber optics at 64 Gbps for expanded data center utility

Avago's QSFP+ eSR4 is a four-channel, pluggable, parallel, fiber-optic QSFP+ transceiver for 40GbE for extended reach applications. The transceiver is a high performance module for multi-lane data communication and interconnect applications. The module iintegrates four data lanes in each direction with each lane operating at 10.3125Gb/s, giving an aggregated bandwidth of 40Gb/s, and also can be used for high density 10 gigabit Ethernet applications.

The QSFP+ eSR4 modules are warranteed by Avago to 400m multimode fiber link distances based upon generic industry fiber standards. With Panduit's Signature Core system, the reach of certain links has been measured to extend beyond 550 m.

“We are excited to bring this capability to our customers,” comments Dennis Renaud, vice president of DataComm Products, Panduit. “By working with Avago, we will be able to provide our customers the architectural flexibility they need in today’s ever changing data center environment while realizing cost savings.”

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Panduit boosts DCIM platform

Panduit asserts that its Signature Core fiber-optic cabling system maintains signal integrity beyond all other types of multimode fiber. The company claims the new technology provides network architects with flexibility to deploy less expensive multimode fiber links versus more expensive singlemode links, at a potential savings of thousands of dollars per link.

"A reach of 550m means that virtually all of the fiber-optic links within a data center can be deployed using the Signature Core fiber-optic cabling system," says a Panduit spokesperson. "Additionally, network architects can now extend the radius of fabric-based architectures that use 40Gb/s uplinks to connect the aggregation and core switching layers to 550m, increasing distance and flexibility."

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