Lightzero's DC Microgrid enables LED lighting over Cat 6 cable

At the heart of the DC Microgrid system is Lightzero’s Digital Light Module, remotely providing power and control to LED fixtures over Cat 6 cable.


Lightzero, Inc. announced that in the first quarter of 2020 the company will expand its DC Microgrid for Lighting technology to include DC power over Cat 6 cabling for business and personal electronic devices. The company claims its DC Microgrid system technology stands to revolutionize the way LED lighting is designed, configured and installed in commercial, industrial and residential spaces.

Based on technology that links directly to alternate energy sources such as solar, wind and battery-stored power, the DC Microgrid system is billed as a major component for net-zero, energy efficient construction for enabling sustainable lighting of the lowest carbon footprint. At the heart of the system is Lightzero’s Digital Light Module, remotely providing power and control to LED fixtures over Cat 6 cable. The technology eliminates heavy gauge copper wire, metal conduit, and J-boxes from the installation of lighting. According to Lightzero, this streamlining "provides LEED points, reduces installation costs by over 75%, reduces the carbon footprint of a building’s lighting system by more than 80%, decreases HVAC heat load from lighting by at least 15%, lowers maintenance costs by removing AC drivers and controls from fixtures, and eliminates the possibility of a fire or electrocution from a building’s lighting system."

Lightzero says its technology creates a distributed DC power and control network for lighting that employs advanced digital technology while accepting both cutting-edge and traditional lighting controls. The technology addresses popular Building Management Systems (BACnet, KNX, etc.), the IoT, Alexa controls, emergency lighting and alternate power sources. The system is also a major component for net-zero construction, adds the company

Lightzero adds that later in 2020, it will release its first DC Microgrid system for indoor vertical farm lighting, eliminating AC power to horticulture lights, greatly reducing the use of HVAC in the growing space and allowing direct connection to DC power from solar panels and batteries.

For more information, visit or call the company at (888) 890-0094.

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