Rohde & Schwarz embraces 1.35 mm E-band coaxial connector

May 20, 2020
Rohde & Schwarz claims it is the first to equip test instruments with the new 1.35 mm E-band coaxial connector, designed for industrial applications at frequencies up to 90 GHz.
Rohde & Schwarz
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Rohde & Schwarz has been a partner in the 1.35 mm E-band coaxial connector development project since its inception in 2017. Now, by adding the R&S NRP90T und R&S NRP90TN models to its portfolio of thermal power sensors, the company claims to have released first test and measurement instruments in the market to support the novel, robust 1.35 mm precision coaxial connector, which covers frequencies up to 90 GHz and is to be included in the next releases of both IEEE and IEC relevant standards.

An expert industry group with collective knowledge of microwave signal transmission initiated the joint project to develop and implement a new coaxial connector optimized for E-band frequencies. The group included Germany's national metrology institute, the PhysikalischTechnische-Bundesanstalt (PTB), plus Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG, Rosenberger Hochfrequenztechnik GmbH & Co. KG and SPINNER GmbH.

Emerging applications highlighted the need for a novel, robust coaxial cable connector suitable for industrial applications at frequencies up to 90 GHz. In particular, those applications include those for automotive radar from 76 to 81 GHz, plus those for the WiGig extension IEEE 802.11ay standard, operating up to 71 GHz. The result of the group's work is the 1.35 mm E-band connector, with its precise metric fine thread, a reliable pin-gap, and an integrated groove for optional push-pull locking.

The design was accepted in 2019 for the next edition of the IEEE 287-2007 for precision coaxial connectors, and also by the IEC, which will publish it as the IEC 61169-65.

Now, Rohde & Schwarz has implemented the E-band connector for the first time in a test and measurement instrument. Optimized for frequencies up to 90 GHz, the R&S NRP90T and R&S NRP90TN are the latest additions to the company's thermal power sensor family. Like all other members of the family, the new models feature both the highest accuracy and fastest speed of measurement available for thermal power measurements, contends Rohde & Schwarz.

The R&S NRPxxT power sensors operate locally, connected to a PC, selected Rohde & Schwarz instruments, or an R&S NRX base unit. The R&S NRPxxTN sensors can also be operated remotely via a LAN.

Notably, the E-band connector closes the gap between the well-established 1.85 mm connector (the V-band connector) and the 1.00 mm connector (the W-band connector). The V-band connector, introduced more than 30 years ago, is suitably robust for industrial applications, but is restricted to a maximum frequency of 70 GHz. The W-band connector, on the other hand, supports a maximum frequency of 110 GHz, but requires a fine mechanical accuracy during assembly, and frequently loosens in use.

All four partners in the 1.35 mm E-band connector working group are pleased with the progress of their cooperation.

Daniel Blaschke, head of development for RF & Microwave Power Meters at Rohde & Schwarz, notes, “Power sensors are often the first T&M instruments for which customers request native support of a new connector type. We are happy to be the first to introduce a model equipped with the novel E connector, thanks to this fruitful partnership.”

Dr. Hans-Ulrich Nickel, head of RF research & development at the SPINNER Group, adds, “We initiated the 1.35 mm project to obtain a robust and future-oriented interface solution up to 90 GHz. It fills me with great joy to see the rapid adoption of our 1.35 mm portfolio.”

Hauke Schütt, executive vice president, Test & Measurement, at Rosenberger, comments, “The new 1.35 mm connectors draw a lot of interest in the 70 to 90 GHz range. We are excited that we are already able to offer a wide range of solutions.”

Dr. Karsten Kuhlmann, head of the working group for High-Frequency Basic 1/2 Quantities at PTB, concludes, “International standardization and traceability to national standards are key ingredients for the successful introduction of a new RF connector system.”

For further information on the R&S NRP90T and R&S NRP90TN thermal power sensors, go to

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