Senko's SN Uniboot connector takes home Platinum ‘Cabling Innovators’ honors

Oct. 27, 2022
The manufacturer contends that telco-grade performance and Base-8 modularity makes the SN Uniboot connector an optimal choice for operators looking to build high-performance networks that scale to 400G, 800G and beyond.

Senko Advanced Components, Inc. announced that its SN Uniboot connector was awarded Platinum Cabling Innovators honors, as presented by Cabling Installation & Maintenance at the at the recent BICSI Fall Conference 2022 (Sep. 25-29) in Las Vegas.

The SN Uniboot is a connector with a revolutionary design that allows four SN duplex connectors to be patched simultaneously in one operation. As noted by Senko, unlike 8-fiber MPO connectors comprising single polymer ferrules, the SN Uniboot's design utilizes eight ceramic 1.25 mm ferrules that deliver carrier-grade performance and reliability.

Originally designed for use in multi-channel 400G data center transceivers within spine/leaf architectures, Senko reports that "the SN is proving to be much more than just a high data-rate equipment connection. The industry is fast discovering that when deployed as a backbone trunk solution, the SN Uniboot has significant benefits compared with existing legacy solutions," adds a company statement.

The company further contends that because the SN Uniboot acts as both a Base-8 and Base-2 connector, operators no longer need to transition from Base-8 to Base-2 by means of cassettes or fan-outs. The company notes this greatly reduces the amount of fiber management products required for deployment, and more importantly reduces the amount of mated connector pairs required to construct the link.

Senko adds that this "link-optimization" scheme has such an impact on the total optical budget, that users can benefit from extended transmission-reach across their networks. Alternatively, operators can choose to "design-in" additional flexibility points across the network, such as centralized cross-connects or zone-distributed patching areas.

Senko concludes that the SN Uniboot not only provides substantial CAPEX savings, but also long-term operational savings. With fewer mated pairs and a much simpler connector interface, using the SN Uniboot, operators can expect to enjoy fewer network outages, less cleaning and inspection costs and greatly reduced downtime across their networks.

Jim Hasegawa, EVP at Senko, said:

“The SN Uniboot connector addresses many of the major challenges faced by the communication industry over the past decade. Operators can now achieve unparalleled packing-density and modularity, whilst maintaining best in class reliability and performance."

SN Uniboot Connector from Senko Group on Vimeo.

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