Leviton updates on UHDX fiber enclosure availability per ITC ruling

Aug. 5, 2021
Due to the company's move to domestic manufacturing, Leviton noted it is able to continue to supply its customers with its Opt-X UHDX Ultra High-Density Fiber Optic Enclosures product line.
Leviton's Opt-X UHDX 2RU Fiber Enclosure, empty, with sliding trays
Leviton's Opt-X UHDX 2RU Fiber Enclosure, empty, with sliding trays

In an announcement today, Leviton emphasized its ability to continue to make and sell its Opt-X UHDX Ultra High-Density Sliding Tray Rack Mount Enclosures with 144 fibers per 1 rack unit, despite a much-documented investigation by the US International Trade Commission (ITC).

The ITC review was initiated from a complaint made by Corning Optical Communications LLC in February 2020 against Leviton and others.

"The ITC's ruling affects imported products only," observed Meir Blonder, Leviton's General Counsel and Chief of Intellectual Property, who continued, "Leviton's UHDX products, which were the subject of the investigation, are not imported. Components that were previously found to be imported have been replaced with domestically produced components. As a result, Leviton's ability to supply its customers globally is unchanged."

"Introduced in 2013, the HDX cassette platform fits into a multitude of rack mount enclosures, wall mount enclosures, optical frames, and fixed rack mount panels to suit a variety of customer needs," stated Ross Goldman, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Leviton Network Solutions.

Goldman concluded, "With the ITC's final determination, we are pleased to be able to continue to supply our customers the UHDX enclosures, as we have for many years. To be clear, there is no interruption to our ability to supply any item from the entire HDX platform anywhere."

To learn more, visit Leviton.com/HDX.

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