Anixter: Data center energy efficiency worth more than just dollar savings

March 11, 2013
New white paper from Anixter.

A new white paper from Anixter notes that although financial rewards are the prime driver of the move toward maximum energy efficiency, many companies and data center organizations care increasingly about the carbon impact of their facilities for numerous other good reasons.

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"Increased efficiency is not just about financial savings through energy costs or environmental improvements; it is also about optimizing infrastructure capacity," states the paper's introduction. "As companies consider whether to build a new facility or outsource within the co-location market, there is often stranded or unused capacity within their current environment."

The white paper goes on to illustrate what infrastructure changes within a data center's current environment can be made to drive energy efficiency gains and reduce environmental burdens, while yielding still greater capacities via use of new technologies.

Topics covered by the paper include: site infrastructure; UPS systems; transformers and PDUs; cooling infrastructures and pathways; right-sizing infrastructure systems; energy-efficient infrastructure components; cooling strategies; and cost reduction.

View/download the white paper here.

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