Datwyler updates data center cabling system

Dec. 22, 2014
The company offers new fiber-optic connection options, as well as new colors and construction materials, for its plug-and-play data center cabling system.

Recently Datwyler announced optimizations and expansions it has made to its fiber-optic-based plug-and-play data center cabling system. “The central components of this cabling system are the fully assembled plug-in modules and front panels,” the company explained. “The plug-in modules—available for OM3, OM4 and OS2—are perfectly matched to Datwyler’s 3U modular subracks and 1U patch panels. Extremely high packing densities can be achieved in data centers—up to 288 fibers with LC dual connections or up to 1728 fibers with MTP front panels on 3U, for example.”

Among the optimizations made to this system, the company said, is that the plug-in modules are now made of a robust black plastic rather than anodized aluminum, from which the modules previously were constructed. “In the modules, a cable-management system ensures more-stable internal fiber control from the rear MTP couplers to the front fiber-optic couplers,” Datwyler said. “On both sides of the front couplers there are labeling strips for customer-specific printing.”

Another improvement to the system is the addition of new fiber-optic connection options. Specifically, Datwyler said, to this point the only connectivity option for plug-in modules was two rear MTP couplers (Type A), which accept two preassembled MTP trunk cables. These modules have six LCQ (LC quads) on their front. Now, “Other versions, including MTP-on-LSH and MTP-on-LCD modules can be suppliers, and even more models will follow,” the company announced. “At the same time, Datwyler now offers a larger selection of polarity methods for all these inserts. The new plug-in modules also come with a choice of up to two splice cassettes for a maximum of 24 fibers—double the previous capacity.”

When a network is migrating from 10G to 40G or 100G, Datwyler explained, the plug-in modules housed in subracks are replaced by front panels with MTP adapters. Datwyler now offers these front panels in the color black. “Depending on the requirement, they are currently fitted with 2 to 12 MTP adapters,” the company explained. “Over the coming months breakout modules will also be available for all the front panel versions, fitting seamlessly into the fully modular overall concept of the Datwyler Data Center Solution.”

The company said it “will continue to perfect and expand” its data center cabling system portfolio. “A gradual increase in type variety and fully modular construction will ensure that every specific customer requirement can be met,” it concluded.

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