Application guide for cabling 10, 40, 100G switches

Opticonx has produced a document describing and illustrating the cabling requirements for Arista Networks 7500E switches.

Apr 29th, 2014

Opticonx recently introduced an application guide titled “Arista Networks 7500E Switch and Linecard Optical Cabling Guide,” which the company explained was produced “to assist data center managers to design, install and implement a fiber-optic cabling system for Arista Networks switches. Due to the various line-card configurations available and the different physical interfaces of 10/40/100G, the network configurations can be challenging and complicated.”

The guide contains descriptions as well as illustrations—an example of which is shown below—to guide data center professionals through the cabling process. Opticonx’s engineering product manager Paul Shultz noted, “This guide was needed to assist data center personnel throughout the process of planning, designing, and implementing a structured fiber-optic cabling system for Arista Network switches. The guide provides detailed diagrams for a variety of different cabling configurations. Exploded views of each configuration provide detailed specifications, system components, and port-mapping diagrams for the whole variety of spine-to-leaf combinations.”

Brian Keane, Opticonx’s vice president of marketing, added, “The diagrams are extremely helpful in understanding fiber port mapping when connecting 40 [QSFP+] and 100G [24-fiber MTP] interfaces to 10G [SFP+] interfaces. The goal is that data center personnel will experience a true ‘plug-and-play’ cabling system when deploying Arista Network switches.

You can view and download Opticonx’s application guide here.

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