Customer service, integrity, mastery

Feb. 11, 2021

Over the past couple months we have received an impressive set of entries into our CI&M 50 program, and in our next issue we’ll reveal the companies we’re honoring in the inaugural CI&M 50. For those who haven’t seen our promotions or our calls for submissions, the CI&M 50 honors service organizations that demonstrate excellence in three areas of business operations: customer service (C), integrity (I), and mastery of the skills of the trade (M).

The information and communications technology (ICT) contracting business is competitive. It takes dedication and commitment to achieve and maintain the attributes of the CI&M 50 program at a high level. Providing excellent customer service is essential, as it is in most businesses, but it is just the beginning. In such a competitive industry, maintaining integrity with clients, partners, suppliers, and even competitors can set an organization apart. And being able to deliver a valuable finished project to the client, that will satisfy their technology needs today and into the future, requires a mastery of the trade as well as a vision for the future.

We’re launching the CI&M 50 to applaud contracting companies that demonstrate these qualities day in and day out, project after project, from client to client. I was pleased to see the number of end-user organizations that nominated contractors for this honor, describing in detail the above-and-beyond measures these contractors take. Kudos ranged from comments like, “They are our go-to contractor whenever there’s a damaged fiber and we need service back up right away,” to, “The owner invests in employees’ personal growth, not only company growth. Because he does this, his loyal employees are willing to go the extra mile.”

Thankfully we have dozens of stories like these about contractors that have made success for themselves, and in the process, have provided examples for their own employees and other organizations.

If this is the first you’re hearing of the CI&M 50 program, and you missed the opportunity to nominate a contracting organization for recognition, I want you to know we have high aspirations for this program. We know there are far more than 50 organizations that are worthy of recognition, and accordingly, we plan to make the CI&M 50 a periodic happening. And it’s never too early to get started. If you are interested in the CI&M 50 in any way, and would like to discuss it with me, please email me with the subject line “CI&M 50.” I’m interested to hear what you think about it, and who you think is most worthy of recognition.

I’m looking forward to bringing you the full CI&M 50 list in our next issue.



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