Google Fiber seeking Outside Plant (OSP) engineer in Austin, TX

Aug. 5, 2014
The broadband service provider is looking for individuals with the "ability to develop the process flow to accelerate FTTH design."

Google Fiber is currently hiring for the position of Outside Plant (OSP) Engineer, based in Austin, Texas.

"The Google Fiber OSP Design Engineer will participate in the creation of a FTTH design solution that involves advanced network design programs, innovative production sources and extreme design value," states the job listing as found on the Google Fiber website.

Stated responsibilities for the OSP Engineer's position include the following: "Manage the design of the outside plant fiber network beginning with preliminary design through to a fully constructible job package; Prepare outside plant construction completion packages for system delivery to Google Fiber operations; Implement the Fiber Management System into design; Obtain and compile demographic and city data effectively and quickly; Support finance metric development, reporting and dashboard reporting."

Preferred qualifications for the position, as stated by the job listing, include the following: "MBA or graduate degree, or equivalent in a management, technical, or engineering field; Comfortable with database management; Ability to develop the process flow to accelerate FTTH design with incredible value; Demonstrated ability to employ good troubleshooting skills and creative problem solving abilities under pressure; Ability to work cross-functionally with the product manager to normalize addresses and key data, and coordinate with the city project manager to track as-built documentation."

"We're building one of the fastest national broadband networks to deliver next generation Internet content to users," states the company. "If you want the opportunity to work on a state-of-the-art high-profile program, look no further than [this] opportunity to frame the future of broadband."

View the job listing.

In the following clip from Bloomberg News, in a February 2014 appearance on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West" show, Bloomberg Industries' Paul Sweeney, senior West Coast correspondent Jon Erlichman, and Bloomberg West editor-at-large Cory Johnson discuss the merits of the expansion of Google Fiber.

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