BICSI issues statement on George Floyd protests

June 4, 2020
BICSI has issued the following statement regarding the George Floyd protests.
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BICSI has issued the following statement regarding the George Floyd protests, described by Wikipedia as "an ongoing series of protests and riots against police brutality that began as local protests in the Minneapolis–Saint Paul metropolitan area of Minnesota, before spreading throughout the United States and worldwide."

BICSI's statement, as sent via email to its members and followers, is as follows:

A Message to Our Community
The murder of George Floyd has rocked the United States to its core, and the tremors have rippled throughout the world. America’s deep-rooted history of racial inequality continues to cause pain and fear and senseless violence all over the country. While we would like to say that racism has no place in our culture, we know that systemic racism still exists, and this tragedy is only the latest in a long list of injustices. Those who are not people of color must acknowledge that we will never truly know what it is like to be Black in America, to be afraid for loved ones each time they leave the house.
Change is needed. Change is being demanded through these protests and public outcry. And we all must do our part to be that change. Let us listen, learn, and understand the pain that is being felt by our fellow Americans.
BICSI has a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination and harassment of any kind, and we stand united against racial inequality. We stand united with our Black community, including our members, credential holders, customers, and employees, to speak out against these injustices. We must advocate for change and an end to the systemic racism holding back the United States and everywhere from true equality and progress.
Let us come together and support each other, working together today so that everyone can have a better tomorrow.

BICSI is a professional association supporting the advancement of the information and communications technology (ICT) profession and currently serves more than 26,000 members and credential holders. Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, BICSI's membership spans nearly 100 countries.

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