JGR Optics eases MPO, duplex LC fiber connector testing

Dec. 29, 2022
The RD-P lets technicians test multifiber cable assemblies while toggling directly from polarity to IL/RL measurements without disconnecting the device under test.

Santec subsidiary JGR Optics recently introduced its RD-P Remote-head Polarity Detector, designed for integration with the company’s RL1 Return Loss Meter and SX1 Optical Switch insertion loss/return loss (IL/RL) measurement system.

JGR Optics says use of the RD-P instrument significantly reduces the time and cost required to test multifiber optical cable assemblies, such as MPO and duplex LC.

The RD-P enables technicians to test multifiber assemblies by toggling straight from polarity to IL/RL measurements, without disconnecting the device under test, removing the need to use two switches to confirm polarity.

This approach reduces cost and improves IL/RL accuracy while providing more options in test parameters, the company contends.

The very small-form-factor RD-P includes the company's XN1 cable assembly software for the testing of multifiber connectors such as MT and MTP/MPO up to 72 fibers, duplex LC, CS, SN, and others.

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