100G impairment emulator tests for latency in high speed Ethernet networks

April 15, 2015
Spirent's Attero 100G is billed as the industry’s first 100GbE impairment test solution for verification of high speed Ethernet systems and networks.

Spirent Communications has unveiled its Spirent Attero 100G, which the company claims is the industry’s first 100GbE impairment test solution for verification of high speed Ethernet systems and networks.

Spirent says the 100GbE impairment generator is designed to allow equipment manufacturers and service providers to emulate a network or network elements with precision, accuracy and repeatability. The high speed test solution can be used to emulate propagation, routing, switching and buffering delays, says the company.

"Network latency or delay can dramatically reduce throughput and affect high speed links carrying applications such as real-time gaming, streaming video, and financial trading transactions – resulting in disgruntled consumers and adverse business impact," notes a Spirent press release. "Spirent Attero 100G can emulate the equivalent of more than 50,000 km of fiber at 100 Gb/s and assess the impact of network congestion, queuing issues or multi-path fading on a device’s performance."

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Using Spirent Attero 100G in combination with Spirent’s 100/40GbE test modules lets users emulate and impair complete network traffic, switching, routing and application scenarios for comprehensive end-to-end testing. Spirent asserts that its 100/40GbE test solutions offer the market’s highest density, emulating multiple layers of network protocols and scaling to perform real-time cause/effect analysis on millions of statistics.

“Understanding the impact of latency on high speed Ethernet networks is important,” commented Neil Holmquist, vice president of marketing and product strategy at Spirent Communications. “So when developing high precision network products, it’s critical that equipment vendors and service providers validate performance metrics, including latency, under real-world network conditions. Spirent Attero 100G is the first test solution to provide full line rate simulation in order to make the measurements required for 100GbE Ethernet compliance.”

Spirent adds that its test solutions can model realistic scenarios to validate quality of service (QoS) on thousands of flows, and test complex routing, data center, and access protocols on switches and routers. Learn more about the Spirent Attero-100G test platform.

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