Gigabit wireless-enabled smart poles connect Wi-Fi, mmWave wireless, HD cameras

Dec. 7, 2020
Jointly developed Wireless Smart Pole platform from Siklu and Schréder integrates embedded Gigabit-speed mmWave wireless connectivity into light poles featuring Wi-Fi access points, HD cameras and more.

Siklu, a specialist in fixed 5G millimeter wave (mmWave) platforms for Gigabit Wireless Access (GWA), smart city and security networks, has this month announced an initiative with Schréder, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of outdoor lighting systems, to create the companies' “Wireless Smart Pole,” based on a new module available with the Schreder Smart Pole.

The new module will launch officially in 1Q 2021 named as the “Shuffle Wireless Backhaul” system. The companies say this upgraded Shuffle wireless smart pole incorporates cutting-edge communications and security equipment for smart city services with Gigabit wireless connectivity provided by the Siklu MultiHaul line of radios, all built in into a sleek streetlight housing. 

The Shuffle Smart Pole is constructed of rotatable and interchangeable modules that seamlessly integrate various LED lighting options, security cameras, Wi-Fi access points, EV charging sockets, audio speakers and small cells for 4G/5G mobile networks. 

“Smart Cities require advanced Gigabit connection solutions to tie all the Smart Applications together,” says Ronen Ben-Hamou, CEO of Siklu. “The new Shuffle with integrated Gigabit Wireless from Siklu leads the way in meeting this requirement and delivers on ease of deployment in an aesthetically-pleasing form factor.”  

As noted by the companies: 

Today when cities or campuses wish to add these devices to an existing pole, the result is an unsightly “Christmas tree” look with boxes and wires protruding everywhere. In addition, these devices need connectivity -- fiber where available, but often wireless. Adding a wireless connectivity device externally can exacerbate the “aesthetics” problem. 
The newly announced module on the Shuffle solves this problem by integrating all the cameras and APs, as well as the mmWave MultiHaul, into a sleek and attractive unit measuring approximately between 3 and 7 meters high, depending on what modules are chosen.

The companies note this release of the Shuffle is among the world’s first smart poles with integrated Gigabit-speed mmWave connectivity, but designed with aesthetics that do not intrude on its surroundings.

The MultiHaul provides just under 2 Gbps of capacity, operating in the license-free 60GHz band, which is now widely supported around the world, the companies note. Within the full system, Shuffle smart poles can connect to each other in a daisy chain, or in a point-to-multipoint topology. The companies explained that the latter incorporates one Shuffle with a Base Unit that can connect up to eight additional Shuffles.

With a flexible fiber or copper interface to a POP (fiber Point of Presence), the hybrid platform aims to make deployment of next-generation Smart City services cost-effective and easier to deploy, say the partners. 

With the Shuffle Wireless Backhaul system, the companies' statement further explains:

...Cities and campuses looking to add advanced services do not have to replace every streetlight pole currently installed, as the Shuffle’s Wi-Fi and camera capabilities allow them to be installed periodically into an existing streetlight topology. The Shuffle is designed to be environmentally-friendly with LED lighting and low overall power consumption. The Shuffle also eliminates the possible need for trenching and other street work to connect a smart pole to a fiber Internet connection – which also would reduce installation time.

“We are tremendously excited to continue our leadership in next generation street assets with the launch of the new Shuffle wireless backhaul module together with Siklu,” concludes Cristian Tanase, Smart Pole Program Manager from Schréder. "City infrastructure is an ideal vehicle for WiFi Hotspots and built-in cameras offer an unobtrusive security overlay. This new module is a win-win for cities and campuses alike, bringing Gigabit wireless connectivity and helping lower the Civil Works budget needed to otherwise install such a product."

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