Tolly Group ranks Cambium Networks' Wi-Fi 6 APs as top among major brands

Feb. 10, 2021
Cambium Networks says education, enterprise and service provider network operators can benefit from its multi-gigabit Wi-Fi 6 products, which feature impressive performance and throughput at a low total cost of ownership.

The Tolly Group, an independent technology testing and analysis lab, has released the results of its recent benchmark testing, which showed that Wi-Fi 6 wireless access points from Cambium Networks (NASDAQ: CMBM) outperformed competitors Aruba, Meraki (Cisco) and Ruckus in terms of performance and total cost of ownership (TCO).

The testing reportedly showed that Cambium's Wi-Fi 6 access points significantly exceeded the price-performance of the other brands. Cambium acquired Xirrus in 2019, and the Wi-Fi 6 products tested combine technology from both companies.

In the testing, Tolly Group says the high density Cambium XV3-8 (8x8/4x4 MU-MIMO) AP with five total radios delivered a price-performance (Mbps per Dollar) ratio of an average 2.4X higher than comparable competitive products. The testing showed the Cambium XV2-2 (2x2 MU-MIMO) AP demonstrated a price-performance ratio of an average 2X higher, said Tolly Group.

"Today, high density networks are commonplace, and users need and expect a superior Wi-Fi experience at all times," commented Kevin Tolly, founder of The Tolly Group. "Our testing of the latest Wi-Fi 6 solutions clearly shows that Cambium's new XV3-8 and XV2-2 access points operate at a new level, by providing higher performance at a significantly lower TCO."

Regarding the Cambium Networks wireless AP models, specific findings from the Tolly Group report included the following:

  • XV3-8 delivered average of 2.4X price-performance of competitors.
  • XV3-8 have average of 38% lower TCO than Aruba, Meraki and Ruckus.
  • XV3-8 delivered average of 47% higher bidirectional throughput in tri-radio mode than competitors.
  • XV2-2 delivered average of 2X price-performance of competitors.
  • XV2-2 had TCO 35% lower than Aruba, 49% lower than Meraki and 44% lower than Ruckus.
  • XV2-2 outperformed competitors in bidirectional and downstream throughput.

The Tolly Group says its tests were performed in late 2020 and early 2021, and included both low and high client density environments using various traffic types.

High density voice/video tests were run comparing high-performance 8x8/4x4 MU-MIMO access points supporting 100 clients and 2x2 MU-MIMO access points supporting 50 clients. Tolly engineers also calculated price-performance and 5-year TCO projections based on the hardware list price and cloud management subscription costs.

A copy of the full report with the complete test methodology and results can be downloaded from the Cambium Networks website here.

Cambium Networks' Wi-Fi 6 products are aimed at enterprises, education, retail, smart city and hospitality deployments, and are available through Cambium's global network of partners.

"Enterprise IT and network operators no longer have to compromise between price and performance," commented Atul Bhatnagar, president and CEO, Cambium Networks. "As with all of the technologies in our wireless fabric portfolio of solutions, the Wi-Fi 6 access points deliver affordable quality. Schools, enterprises and service providers can now have multi-gigabit speeds without a heavy cost burden."

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