Free poster: 10 things you should know about MIMO

Agilent now offering free poster and webcast CD.

Agilent Technologies is now offering free copies of its newly updated poster, Ten Things You Should Know about MIMO. The poster provides detailed technical explanations, along with instructive diagrams and screen measurements, to help networking and telecom professionals enhance their MIMO expertise.

To those who order the poster, Agilent is also offering a complimentary copy of its "LTE Design and Test Fundamentals" webcast CD. The CD features a companion Ten Things You Should Know about MIMO webcast, along with numerous other webcasts on topics ranging from channel modeling and emulation to critical RF measurements.

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Topics of note covered in the poster and webcast CD include:

-- How MIMO is used differently in the downlink and uplink of cellular systems.
-- Why MIMO signal recovery is a two-step process.
-- Making multi-antenna measurements with a single input.
-- Why MIMO needs a better carrier-to-noise ratio than SISO.

Order the free poster and webcast CD here.

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