New PulR tool concurrently pulls multiple cables by both sheath and aramid

Oct. 17, 2022
PulR's new HexaHelipuller adapter for aramid attachment comes in two models: one for pulling up to six 4.8 mm cables, and one for pulling on up to six 2.9 mm cables.

2022 Cabling Innovators Award honoree PulR Technologies reports that it is now sampling its newest device, the HexaHelipuller adapter, which the company's founder Francois Menard contends "is the first tool in the world to concurrently pull multiple cables by the sheath and aramid at the same time."

The HexaHelipuller is especially aimed at enabling multi-dwelling unit (MDU) and commercial installations, allowing technicians to run cables in a "drop and continue" fashion, with the confidence that all cables are simultaneously being pulled by both the sheath and aramid.

The patent-pending HexaHelipuller for Aramid Attach tool enables up to 6 cables of either 4.8 mm or 2.9 mm to be attached in the longitudinal re-entrant PulR grips, then stripped to the aramid. Afterwards, the aramid of all cables is twisted together and wound into PulR's common HelicalGrip system.

With the HexaHelipuller tool, technicians can safely pull fiber-optic cables to route installations through risers or down hallways with multiple rooms in MDU or commercial settings. With a simple anti-slip knot at the head of the tool, which can be removed at destination, technicians can drop a cable and carry on pulling the remainder of cables to the remaining destinations.

"The HexaHelipuller is very compact and will allow for very sharp bend radiuses and use small conduits, especially the one for up to six 2.9 mm cables, which has a very small outer diameter," concludes PulR's Menard.

Learn more about the HexaHelipuller.

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