60 GHz mmWave PTP/PTMP node system spins multi-gigabit speeds off Facebook technology

Sept. 22, 2020
Edgecore Networks' MLTG-Series integrates Facebook Connectivity’s 802.11ay-based gigabit wireless technology designed to deliver fiber-like speeds over the air.

Edgecore Networks (Taiwan) this month announced the launch of its MLTG-Series, a 60 GHz mmWave PTP/PTMP platform that can deliver multi-gigabit speeds.

Intended for applications such as fixed wireless access, smart cities, small cell backhaul, and outdoor Wi-Fi, the MLTG-Series includes distribution nodes (MLTG-360) and client nodes (MLTG-CN) that can be rapidly deployed on available infrastructure, such as street poles or rooftops to create a mmWave wireless distribution mesh network.  

The platform incorporates Terragraph, Facebook Connectivity’s 802.11ay-based gigabit wireless technology designed to deliver fiber-like speeds over the air at a significantly lower cost and faster time to market than that of trenched fiber, the company claims.  

“Terragraph’s advanced technology and unique mesh architecture makes it the optimal wireless solution to drive multi-gigabit services in urban and suburban environments and complement fiber deployments,” said TT Hsu, Vice President of Edgecore Networks. “Combining Edgecore’s wireless solution with Terragraph will give customers highly efficient and reliable networks built over a strong foundation of wireless deployment.” 

The technology integration further strengthens the partnership between the two companies. Edgecore Networks previously partnered with Facebook Connectivity to deploy Express Wi-Fi certified products in Southeast Asia and South America. 

The MLTG-360 distribution node has four 60 GHz radios, providing a coverage of up to 360 degrees, and MLTG-CN has one 60 GHz radio, providing a coverage of 90 degrees. Both MLTG-360 and MLTG-CN are equipped with phased array beamforming antennas.  

The MLTG-360 and MLTG-CN can be flexibly deployed – the network can be made up of MLTG-360 only, MLTG-CN only, or a combination of the two. With an IP66 rating, MLTG-360 and MLTG-CN can also provide the weather resistance needed in outdoor deployments. 

“We are excited to build on our partnership with Edgecore Networks and see more Terragraph-enabled solutions brought to market,” said Dan Rabinovitsj, Vice President for Facebook Connectivity. “Offering an easy-to-deploy gigabit solution at an affordable price will help accelerate the availability of ultra-high broadband speeds to communities around the world.” 

For more information, visit wifi.edge-core.com.

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