Friday 5: Icky pick patrol

Aug. 2, 2019
A roundup of CablingInstall's top 5 trending stories of the past week.

Here's a roundup of CablingInstall's top 5 trending stories of the past week, aimed at technical professionals in the structured cabling and information and communcations technology (ICT) fields.

Waterless cleaner removes fiber-optic cable ‘icky pick’ from installers’ hands

The maker of Timber Wolf waterless hand cleaner says the multifunctional skin-care product is ideal for removing ‘icky-pick’ from the hands of fiber-optic cable installers. “Timber Wolf is a biodegradable and multifunction waterless hand cleaner,” explains Ken Nahas, a principal of Timber Wolf LLC. “We have been told that telecommunications technicians like and appreciate our product. Timber Wolf cleans and moisturizes the skin, repels mosquitoes, ticks, chiggers, black gnats and no-see-ums, and also prevents and relieves poison ivy, oak, and sumac symptoms,” Nahas adds.

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How a fiber-optic cabling system protects a gas pipeline in Pakistan

OptaSense recently announced that, along with a local security systems integrator based in Pakistan, it has been awarded a project to provide a perimeter intrusion detection system (PIDS) for a pipeline and gas producing facility/central producing facility.

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Single-shift spaghetti master: Cabling photos

Tame a severe rack cabling monster in one day? Voice Solutions of Fall River, MA has got this.

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Solutions Guide: Physically Securing Critical Network Infrastructure

Regardless of the type of network or where its infrastructure resides—a mission-critical data center, a campus network, or a multi-tenant building, for example—physically protecting the network’s critical infrastructure and equipment is paramount. Protection can take many forms and each form is essential. From protecting against disasters like fire and smoke, to securing against physical or electronic intrusion, several forms of protection must be priorities. This editorial solutions guide includes information on some of the latest protection techniques, the processes for verifying that protection, applicable standards, and more.

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Portal allows you to locate, purchase Thomas & Betts products online

ABB Installation Products, formerly known as Thomas & Betts, now enables online users to search for and purchase products from distributor inventory. Search results identify which distributors have in-stock items, and available quantities. Users connect with the distributor e-commerce shopping cart to complete a purchase.

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